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The metallurgical industry is an important raw material industry sector, known as the "industrial grain", usually divided into two categories: the black metallurgical industry and the non-ferrous metallurgical industry. The steel industry is the main body of the black metallurgical industry, mainly including ironmaking, steelmaking, and coal coke chemical industry. Non ferrous metallurgy includes the processing and smelting of metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, and gold. The development level of metallurgical industry is an important symbol of a country's Comprehensive National Power, which is closely related to people's life. The development of the metallurgical industry will also pose serious threats to the environment and energy, mainly including smoke pollution, emissions pollution, and high energy consumption. Utilizing emissions for thermal energy recovery and product recovery will provide reliable guarantees for the healthy development of the metallurgical industry, and achieve the goals of energy conservation and emission reduction, achieving sustainable development of the metallurgical industry.

Since its establishment, THT Giant has provided various heat exchange products and services for the process requirements of over 100 enterprises worldwide, from detachable plate heat exchangers to semi welded plate heat exchangers, to fully welded wide channel plate heat exchangers, as well as plate and frame heat exchangers, plate flue heat exchangers, waste heat recovery integrated systems, etc. It is widely used in cooling systems, acid production systems, alumina process heat utilization, electrolyte cooling, etc, And actively committed to developing energy-saving and emission reduction products and systems in the metallurgical industry, providing systematic solutions for energy conservation and emission reduction for users in areas such as waste heat recovery from blast furnace flue gas, acid production from non-ferrous metallurgical flue gas, medium to high temperature thermal energy recovery systems, and coking by-product recovery systems, creating considerable benefits for users. The heat exchange products and systems required by the metallurgical industry use complex media and involve a wide range of product types. THT Megaelement always provides users with optimal solutions in material selection, anti-corrosion design, and structural design, and achieves the ultimate goal of achieving an intensive operating system. When you choose THT Megaelement, if you only want to reap a ray of spring breeze, THT Megaelement will give you the entire spring!

In the process of steel smelting, we provide professional services in multiple process areas:


1. Closed water cooler for blast furnace

2. Closed water cooler for electric arc furnace

3. Oxygen gun, secondary oxygen gun cooler

4. Continuous casting Water of crystallization cooler

5. Cold rolling oil cooler

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