Special heat exchanger for waste heat recovery

Thjuyuan welded plate heat exchanger is used in heat exchanger, air cooler, air preheater, compressor interstage cooler, ammonia cooler, etc. Recently, it has even been used in heat exchanger of crude oil and residual oil, air cooling of power plant, plate evaporative air cooling, MDEA solution heat exchange, plate economizer, etc.

Waste heat recovery welded plate heat exchanger is mainly used in industrial wastewater and waste gas; Multi-effect evaporation tail gas of corn deep processing industry; Urban primary sewage; Recycling system of flue gas and other heat generated by various fuels.

Welded plate heat exchanger is reliable in sealing; Long-term operation: no leakage, no blockage; Cleaning is convenient and quick; Low maintenance cost can be widely used in heating, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, air conditioning and other industries.

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