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Technology and petrochemicals have always been the main driving forces to promote the progress of human civilization, so that human civilization and life can be continuously developed and improved. At the beginning of the 20th century, with crude oil and natural gas gradually being used as the main raw materials for the production of chemical products, petrochemical industry, as the most basic industry, has been highly concerned and is playing an increasingly important role in the world economic arena.

With the rapid development of modern chemical industry, THT has gone through more than 30 years. Since it provided the first plate heat exchanger in the chemical industry in 1986, it has provided more than 20,000 sets of various heat exchangers to process units of many users including BP, LG, DOW, SHELL, BASF, Sinopec, PetroChina, etc., of which more than 80% are compact heat exchanger with plate heat transfer products, which has accumulated rich experience.

From simply providing products at the beginning to gradually doing system analysis and optimization, THT knows how different products play a greater role in the process system, how to shorten installation time and downtime, how to improve unit efficiency, how to reduce operation and maintenance costs, how to reduce installation space, etc. It is with scientific system analysis and design that THT can provide services to users in a wider range. With the aim of meeting users' comprehensive requirements for equipment safety, economy and life, TH provides users with system solutions, and the results greatly exceed expectations.

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Process flow in caustic soda production

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