THT Megaelement


Shell and tube heat exchangers are important equipment in the process flow of the petrochemical industry. According to statistics, this equipment accounts for approximately 40% of all static equipment in refineries. It is not only the main equipment in the process flow, but also the main means for enterprises to reduce energy consumption and costs. Therefore, the technical level of shell and tube heat exchangers is one of the main indicators of the advanced level of refineries.

THT Company is a major manufacturer in the Chinese heat exchange equipment industry and a manufacturing base for shell and tube heat exchangers with a production capacity of 10000 tons. The company holds the design license and manufacturing license of special equipment (pressure vessel D1, D2) in the China, and has more than 100 specifications of shell and tube heat exchanger series products, of which the spiral tube heat exchanger, transverse tube heat exchanger, spiral baffle plate heat exchanger and other shell and tube heat exchangers are national patented products developed by our company, which are suitable for the professional needs of the petrochemical industry. Especially as a special type of cooling equipment, air coolers play a crucial role in the petrochemical industry. Using inexhaustible air as the cooling medium is a significant energy-saving device compared to water coolers, while also avoiding sensitive water pollution issues.

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