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THT Megaelement


The embankment of a thousand miles collapses in the ant nest. For ships that need to sail continuously at sea for a long time, a slight equipment failure may cause a series of fatal problems, which seriously threatens the safety of ships and crew.  

As the main equipment of oil cooler, fresh water cooler, central cooler, diesel cooler, cylinder liner water cooler, etc. on ships, the heat exchange equipment of TH is widely used in oil tankers, liquefied gas carriers, container ships, bulk carriers and engineering ships, and plays an important role in the navigation of ships. The high corrosive and scaling seawater operation conditions test the corrosion resistance and high performance of THT heat exchanger, and the long-term continuous operation tests the safety and stability of THT heat exchanger.

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Ship cooling water systems commonly include open seawater system, closed fresh water cooling system and central cooling system. The seawater and fresh water pipelines of the central cooling system are separated, the fresh water pipelines are less corroded and clean, the management cost is low, and the working reliability of the system is strong; High-temperature fresh water and low-temperature fresh water respectively cool different ship equipment, which makes the system adaptable and improves the working performance of equipment.  

The central cooling system is divided into high-temperature hot fresh water and low-temperature warm fresh water close system. The former is used to cool the main engine, while the latter is used to cool hot fresh water and various coolers. The heated warm fresh water is cooled in a central cooler by an open seawater system. Therefore, only one cooler using seawater as cooling fluid is used, which simplifies the layout of seawater piping system.

The vast majority of oil coolers are water-cooled, and they are divided into three types according to different structures and shapes: pipe type, plate type and spiral copper pipe type.

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