chemical industry

THT Megaelement

Chemical industry is an ancient industry, including food and beverage industry, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, silicate industry, chlor alkali industry, sulfuric acid industry, inorganic salt industry, fertilizer industry, Textile manufacturing, plastic industry, etc. It complements the whole industry. It is not only a producer of necessities for people's livelihood, but also a supplier of upstream raw materials and materials for other industries, Plays a fundamental and pillar role in economic development.

With the rapid development of modern chemical industry, THT Giant has also gone through more than 30 years. From providing the first plate heat exchanger for the chemical industry in 1986, to today, it has provided more than 15000 sets of various heat exchangers to many users' process installations, including BP, LG, DOW, SHELL, BASF, Sinopec, and PetroChina. More than 80% of them are compact heat exchangers mainly based on plate heat transfer products, accumulating rich experience.

From the initial simple provision of products to gradually conducting system analysis and optimization, THT Megaelement knows how different products can play a greater role in the process system, how to shorten installation and downtime, how to improve unit efficiency, how to reduce operation and maintenance costs, how to reduce installation space... It is precisely with scientific system analysis and design that THT Megaelement can provide services to users on a wider range. THT Megaelement aims to meet users' comprehensive requirements for equipment safety, economy, and lifespan, providing system solutions to users, with results that greatly exceed expectations.

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