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Electric energy is a kind of high-quality secondary energy, which occupies a considerable proportion in the utilization of energy. Electric power technology has changed people's life style. Thermal power generation with coal and oil as fuel not only brings huge energy to people, but also produces waste gas and waste materials, which leads to environmental pollution. Therefore, developing high-parameter units, improving the efficiency of thermal power plants, developing cogeneration and gas-steam combined cycle units have become the development direction of thermal power generation.  

In 1986, THT provided high-efficiency heat exchange products for the cogeneration project of electric power industry for the first time. Since then, with the development of electric power industry, more and more high-efficiency heat transfer products have been applied to the closed cooling system, thermodynamic system and heat recovery system of power plants. More than 10,000 heat exchange products of THT have been applied in more than 200 power plants all over the world. These products provide an optimization scheme based on the power plant system in solving material corrosion, heat energy recovery and utilization, and improve the power generation efficiency of the power industry.

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