Talent concept

THT Megaelement

Based on the employment concept of "respecting people, cultivating people, inspiring people and achieving people", T Juyuan pays attention to the individualized training of talents, strengthens the talent reserve and implements the sustainable development strategy of talents.

T Juyuan takes the market chain as a link, and cultivates employees' outstanding and leading innovation consciousness and meticulous and serious work habits according to international enterprise standards; Cultivate senior management and technical talents with brand-new thinking, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; We have established a new employment mechanism in line with market rules and a human resource development strategy that is consistent with it. We reuse talents and compete for posts to provide a broad platform for personal development. A scientific talent evaluation system has been established, a mechanism and environment conducive to the growth and play of innovative talents have been created, and achievements and contributions have been emphasized in distribution, forming an enterprise innovation culture that respects knowledge, talents and creativity.

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