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People's pursuit of comfortable living and office environments never stops. Construction contractors around the world are looking for products with reliable functions and low costs to meet the application of comfort heating and cooling systems. THT Juyuan's heat exchanger products have won the hearts of users with high-quality performance and services, and are widely used in various HVAC working conditions such as District heating, domestic hot water, Water heating of swimming pools, district refrigeration, central refrigeration, heat pumps, geothermal collection, ice storage, pressure isolation, etc. Especially in the cooling system, THT is one of the few companies in the world that has the technology to control the temperature difference between two circulation loops, namely the minimum Logarithmic mean temperature difference, below 0.5 ℃.

After decades of exploration and development in the professional field, as well as the accumulation of over 120000 experience in installation and operation debugging of heat exchange equipment, we continuously develop advanced technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of users. Based on the design habits of various countries, THT Megaelement experts record and analyze a large amount of technical data from many countries around the world, providing overall HVAC system solutions. Our service scope covers heating and cooling from private homes to the entire city.

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Daily hot water:

Good heat transfer performance has gradually replaced traditional container heating systems with plate heat exchangers, resulting in smaller footprint and more economical investment.

Swimming pool Water heating:

Install a heat exchanger to allow the swimming pool water to circulate independently. To avoid corrosion of the plates caused by chloride ions in the pool water, please choose the plate material carefully.

Solar energy collection:

Solar energy, as one of the cleanest energy sources, is receiving increasing attention. By using heat exchangers, the loop that collects solar energy and the loop that collects domestic hot water can be separated, effectively protecting the cleanliness of the domestic hot water loop. (Figure 3)

Ice storage system:

The use of heat exchangers in ice storage systems can isolate water and ethylene glycol solutions, resulting in an increase in investment return. (Figure 4)


Ground source and water source heat pumps:

The heat exchanger serves as a separation device between the heat pump host and the open cold and heat source, overcoming the corrosion of sensitive equipment such as the host caused by water quality. (Figure 5)

Pressure barrier in high-rise buildings:

To avoid high system pressure in high-rise buildings, plate heat exchangers are used for partition pressure separation, thereby significantly reducing the use of large water pumps and pipelines to overcome system pressure. (Figure 6)


Open and closed circulating water system:

The use of heat exchangers separates the open cooling cycle system from the closed cycle system of the unit, effectively protecting the cleanliness of the closed cycle system of the unit and extending its service life. (Figure 7)


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