Plate and frame heat exchanger

1. THT giant element plate and frame heat exchanger is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights (patent number 200520127761. X), belonging to the welded plate heat exchanger. The heat transfer component of this product is a plate, which combines the advantages of plate heat exchanger and spiral plate heat exchanger. It has advantages such as high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, high temperature resistance, good sealing performance, safety and reliability. The THT Juyuan series plate and frame heat exchangers integrate advanced international technology and strictly comply with NB/T47004-2009 and GB150-1998 standards. They can also comply with standards such as the American Petroleum Institute (API662) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) according to user requirements, possessing international advanced technology and quality.

2. The welding quality of the plate pair is one of the main factors affecting the safe and stable operation of the heat exchanger, therefore reliable welding technology and equipment must be adopted. THT Juyuan Company uses automatic welding equipment to perform plate to plate welding, and the welding process is automatically tracked with welding images, completely controlling the quality of the weld seam. Thus achieving the goal of zero leakage for THT Juyuan's plate and frame heat exchanger.

The welded plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of high Heat transfer coefficient and low pressure drop. This enables the equipment to achieve process heat transfer performance while saving a significant amount of operating costs during use.

3. The THT giant's welded plate heat exchanger has strong adaptability to working conditions, and the welded plate heat exchanger can flexibly set process combinations according to different process requirements. Strong temperature and pressure resistance, suitable for special media. Compared with detachable plate heat exchangers, the use of welding structure eliminates the impact and corrosion of high temperature and special medium conditions on the sealing gasket, and improves the ability to use temperature, pressure, and adapt to the medium. Make the equipment operate efficiently and safely under working conditions. Due to the lack of a large frame, plate and frame heat exchangers are more compact than detachable plate heat exchangers, which can save a lot of space and construction costs.

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