Nuclear power industry

THT Megaelement


A nuclear power plant refers to a facility that converts nuclear energy into electrical energy through appropriate devices. The system and equipment of a nuclear power plant typically consist of two major parts: a nuclear island and a conventional island.

THT Juyuan has been cooperating with China General Nuclear Power Group and China National Nuclear Corporation since 2006. In 2010, it obtained the design certificate and manufacturing certificate of the nuclear three-stage plate heat exchanger (nuclear three-stage). In 2011, it successfully developed the nuclear three-stage main pump lubricating oil cooler and filled the domestic gap. Over the years, it has continuously supplied 30 nuclear power units, including more than 40 nuclear island equipment and more than 80 conventional island equipment, with good performance. At the same time, our company's nuclear power products rely on general contracting to provide heat exchangers for international nuclear power projects. The products have already gone abroad and are mature in application in foreign nuclear power projects.

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