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The main production workshops of the coking plant include: coal preparation workshop, coking workshop, gas purification workshop, and public and auxiliary facility workshop. When coal is coking, in addition to about 75% becoming coke, there is also about 25% generating various chemical products and gas. Recycling coking chemical products is of great significance. The chemical recovery process is the rational and effective utilization of various chemical products generated in coking. The raw gas generated in the coking room of the coke oven is cooled, transported and recovered from Coal tar, ammonia, sulfur, benzene hydrocarbon and other chemical products in the chemical product recovery workshop, and the gas is purified at the same time. The gas purification workshop consists of a condensing and blowing section, a desulfurization section, a ammonium sulfate section, a final cold benzene washing section, and a crude benzene distillation section.

Plate and frame heat exchangers are usually used in the lean and rich oil heat exchangers, lean oil first stage coolers, and lean oil second stage coolers of the crude benzene distillation section in the coking industry. Their following characteristics meet the operational requirements of this section and are very ideal heat exchange products.

1. The plate and frame heat exchanger has the characteristics of high Heat transfer coefficient and low pressure drop.

2. Strong adaptability to working conditions, plate and frame heat exchangers can flexibly set process combinations according to different process requirements.

3. Compared with spiral plate heat exchangers, it has better cleaning performance. During cleaning, the heat exchanger can be directly removed from the side plate on the production line and then purged with 0.4Mpa steam. If conditions permit, the side plate can also be directly removed for cleaning on the production line.

4. Strong temperature and pressure resistance, suitable for special media. Compared with detachable plate heat exchangers, the use of welding structure eliminates the impact and corrosion of high temperature and special medium conditions on the sealing gasket, and improves the ability to use temperature, pressure, and adapt to the medium.

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