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Alcohol industry: Due to the decreasing and non renewable world petroleum resources, alcohol fuel has become one of the best alternative energy sources. It uses wheat, corn, sorghum, potatoes, or plant fibers as raw materials for production and is known as green energy.

The detachable wide channel plate heat exchanger, as an efficient heat exchange equipment that combines the advantages of plate heat exchangers and spiral plate heat exchangers, has achieved an organic combination of efficient heat transfer and convenient maintenance. It has been applied to the mash cooling process in the alcohol industry.

The product models and characteristics of THT Juyuan in the mash cooling process section

The TC30M plate heat exchanger can achieve a combination of wide and narrow channels, with a maximum plate spacing of 15mm for wide channels, a diameter of DN300 for material side corner holes, and a diameter of DN200 for cooling water side corner holes.

2. TC15K and TC15M plate heat exchangers can achieve a combination of wide and narrow channels. When combining wide and narrow channels, the maximum plate spacing is 15mm; When combining wide and wide channels, the maximum plate spacing is 11mm, and the diameter of the corner holes is DN150.

3. This product is designed specifically for handling high viscosity media containing solid fiber particles, and adopts an unequal spacing channel structure. The maximum spacing between channels on the material side plates is 15mm.

4. The unique anti blocking design structure is adopted for the mash side channel, so that the fluid has free flow space when flowing through the channel, eliminating the condition that the fibrous particles in the material may "bridge" at the plate contact, and avoiding blocking the channel.

5. The unique internal diversion design structure ensures more uniform distribution of materials between plates and smoother flow. The unique dual line sealing structure design achieves ideal sealing effect of the plate under the minimum clamping force, making the equipment operate more safely.

THT Juyuan's detachable plate heat exchanger TC50L alcohol vapor condenser in the alcohol vapor condensation section is designed specifically for the alcohol vapor condensation process under negative pressure operation. Its maximum installed capacity can reach 1000m2. Adopting an unequal cross-section diagonal flow structure, the diameter of the alcohol vapor side corner hole is φ 500mm. Considering that the control of pressure drop during the condensation process of alcohol vapor is crucial for heat transfer, THT Megaelement adopts a herringbone low resistance ripple structure for design to reduce fluid resistance. At the same time, the flow cross-sectional area on the alcohol vapor side is twice that of the cooling water side, greatly enhancing the flow capacity of alcohol vapor. Adopting a deep ripple structure to maximize the flow cross-sectional area and reduce pressure drop. Fully considering the characteristics of low density and large volume flow of alcohol vapor under negative pressure condensation operation, a plate design with super large angle holes (DN500) was adopted, and a dual side steam inlet method was adopted to maximize the flow capacity of the heat exchanger.

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