Primary energy efficiency plate heat exchanger

Since TSG R0010-2019, the world's first energy efficiency standard for heat exchangers, has been published, THT Juyuan has had four plate series tested and evaluated by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Heat Exchangers, reaching the standard of high-efficiency plate heat exchangers-Grade 1 energy efficiency, namely Y10B, P15B(H), Y15B and Y20B. At present, THT Juyuan has become the enterprise with the largest number of class 1 energy-efficient plate heat exchangers in the global heat exchanger industry.

According to the Implementation Regulations of the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China and the Preferential Catalogue of Enterprise Income Tax for Energy-saving and Water-saving Special Equipment (2017 Edition), 10% of the investment amount of the equipment can be deducted from the taxable amount of the enterprise in the current year for enterprises that purchase and use Class 1 energy-efficient plate heat exchangers.

As one of the drafting units of the national industry standard NB/T47004.1-2017 Plate Heat Exchanger, THJuyuan has been committed to "continuously improving energy efficiency with heat exchange technology and creating a better life for people!"

Technical parameters:

Maximum design pressure: 3.2mpa.

Maximum design temperature: 150℃

Technical features:

1. The thickness is 0.4mm, that is, the design pressure is 1.6MPa

2. Computational fluid dynamics, finite element stress analysis and practical experience are adopted for research and development, leading the world.

3. The crest of the ripple adopts circular arc designed to improve the heat transfer efficiency.

4. Low-resistance induced diversion area with uniform flow field distribution.

5, lightning ripple, stress relief, resistance reduction and scale prevention.

6. Rectangular snap seal gasket, fixed and sealed separately.

7. Five-point positioning and four-corner auxiliary positioning, fool-like assembly.

8. Bearing-type quick assembly mechanism, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.

Applicable conditions: applicable to hanging warm conditions.

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