Shell heat exchanger

1. Sheet structure form

It is the heat exchange core element of plate-shell heat exchanger, and the structure of plate is directly related to the determination of plate manufacturing technology and manufacturing process, and affects the use effect of plate-shell heat exchanger. The main forms of plates of welding equipment in Juyuan Company are chocolate corrugated structure, horizontal corrugated, oblique corrugated and herringbone corrugated, etc. Different structural forms are suitable for different working conditions.

2. Sheet forming

By adopting the integral pressing and one-step forming technology, the length and ripple size of the pressed plates are completely the same. At the same time, after forming the plates, the laser cutting machine is used to align the edges around them, so that the sizes of each plate are the same, and the assembly and welding quality of the plate pairs are ensured.

3. Plate inspection

In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of plate, referring to the national standard of plate heat exchanger, and according to the special requirements of plate heat exchanger, the plate inspection specification for plate heat exchanger is specially formulated.

T Juyuan Company has formed mature product manufacturing and inspection regulations through different forms of welding tests and evaluations and years of experience in manufacturing special materials. Moreover, after the whole welding of each pair of single-board tubes and plate bundles is completed, the airtight test of 0.6-0.7MPa is required to ensure the overall tightness of the plate tubes and plate bundles.

The world's leading welding technology, international first-class heat transfer technology design and intelligent process processing technology ensure the value quality of THT giant tube (plate) heat exchanger; Part of the shell-type equipment can bear the operating pressure of 6.0MPa. And it has been applied in important national heavy equipment projects such as nuclear power and military industry.

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