Standardized heat exchanger unit

1. Professional design: 10,000 sets of selection schemes are provided to customers every year, and 1,500 sets of heat exchange units are successfully applied, which is higher than the THT giant yuan standard of the national standard. Standardization of configuration and structure: the best cost-effective configuration and structure with high quality extracted from our company's practice for many years.

Standardized accessories brands are THT Giant Yuan strategic cooperative brands. After years of application and practice, THT Giant Yuan standard, quality assurance, performance assurance and high cost performance are adopted.

Standardization of structure: according to THT giant data analysis combined with years of design and operation experience, the unit structure is standardized to achieve standardized and modular production,to improve quality and shorten delivery time.

Standardization of control procedures: strong compatibility of components, complete functions and stable operation; Unified interface, embedded common fault judgment guide, easy to operate. Energy consumption analysis function: power consumption to heat ratio, heat unit consumption, electricity unit consumption and water unit consumption, and analyze the energy-saving operation of the unit in real time;

Compared with the national standard, the technical performance of standardized units is as follows: the board exchange pressure drop THT standard is 40KPa@ national standard 50 KPa, the unit pressure drop is 60KPa@ national standard 100 KPa, and the secondary side THT standard is 80KPa@ national standard 100 KPa. Energy efficiency analysis of thjuyuan standard @ national standard has no requirements.

2. Precision manufacturing: standardized and modular assembly production. Automatic cutting to length (cutting accuracy), automatic assembly, intelligent welding (corrosion resistance, no leakage), sand blasting and rust removal, electrostatic spraying, module assembly, pressure debugging, and factory inspection.

3. Quick installation, easy operation: start directly after taking over the power supply, standardized procedures, no need for on-site debugging.

4. Intelligent and efficient: unattended, energy efficiency analysis.

5. Enjoy the service: the responsible party is clear, one-stop service, and arrive at the scene within 12 hours. Service according to 4S mode.

1S: product service

① whole machine sales.

② Spare parts supply: equipment accessories and components (the products of other manufacturers adopt the mode of THT Juyuan producer. )

2S: After-sales service

Guidance, operation training, maintenance tips, maintenance, fault diagnosis, fault treatment and technical consultation.

3S: Engineering Services

① General package of heat exchange station

② Upgrade of heat exchange system.

③ Intelligent heating platform and industrial control platform.

④ Maintenance and cleaning items

S: technical service

① Technical consultation and management consultation

② Energy efficiency analysis and solutions

Provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective products and services!

 T giant unit standardization manual download

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