Waste heat recovery

THT Megaelement

Waste heat refers to the thermal energy generated in industrial production processes that is not utilized and discharged into the environment. It is a secondary energy source carried in solid, liquid, and gas media, such as slag, wastewater, circulating water, waste steam, flue gas, etc. The medium and high temperature waste heat recovery technology in waste heat is relatively simple and widely used, but low grade waste heat with lower temperatures has huge recovery space, but it is more difficult to recover.

THT Juyuan, together with Tsinghua University and Xi'an Jiaotong University, has carried out the research, development and industrial application and promotion of waste heat recovery technology. Advanced waste heat recovery technology and mature waste heat recovery and utilization integrated system can enable these low-grade waste heat to be recovered and comprehensively utilized. At present, they have been applied to flue gas recovery and treatment, geothermal water cascade utilization, industrial and civil sewage waste heat utilization, industrial circulating cooling water heat recovery and utilization The recovery and utilization of industrial wastewater heat, as well as the expansion and transformation of heat supply and cogeneration.

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