T Juyuan was invited to attend the 10th International Regional Energy Summit Forum of China Building

THT juyuan 2020-03-20

On December 4 -5, 2019, the 10th Regional Energy International Summit Forum and CDEA·2019 Annual Meeting sponsored by China Building Energy Conservation Association and Shenzhen Qianhai Development and Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen, China. Nearly 300 officials from the United Nations Environment Program, the National Development and Reform Commission and other relevant officials, relevant government departments, top experts and scholars at home and abroad, and business representatives attended the annual grand meeting of the regional energy industry. THT Juyuan was invited to participate in the summit forum to make suggestions and suggestions for "Regional Energy Helps Greater Bay Area's Green and Low Carbon Development". This forum embodies the consensus of all parties, carries out beneficial exploration for beautiful China to keep green mountains and green waters forever, and makes positive contributions to the practice of green development concept!

Benjamin hickmann, a global regional energy technology expert of UNEP, Fu Jianping, general manager of Qianhai Energy, Liu Zunwen, deputy director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and Dr Qu Dehu, deputy chief engineer of Dunham Bush (China), and other representatives of governments, industry organizations and enterprises of various countries delivered keynote speeches. Focusing on the historical process of global regional energy development, they put forward their own views on China's green development and energy revolution. Not only do we share our experience with the planning and construction of Qianhai central cooling project as an example, but also we put forward some thoughts and plans for the modern energy layout and construction of Greater Bay Area from the perspective of constructing the eco-environmental technical service system.

THT Juyuan made an accurate interpretation of the high-pressure and high-NTU plate heat exchangers used in central cooling energy stations and central heating pressure-isolating heat exchange stations. The newly developed large-bore and high-NTU plate heat exchanger of THT Juyuan has the characteristics of safety, stability, high quality, high efficiency, green energy saving, convenient maintenance, etc. The maximum design pressure is 3.2MPa, the single board area is 2.1-3.1㎡, and the depth deviation of corrugation and gasket groove is 0.1 mm. The manufacturing accuracy is higher than the national standard. Achieved the goal of clean refrigeration, low consumption and high efficiency low-carbon life, and achieved the goal of sustainable development of regional energy system with high energy efficiency equipment.

At the summit forum, the Regional Energy Professional Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Committee officially awarded THT Juyuan a "Committee Unit" and issued a list of short-listed suppliers of green suppliers in the whole industrial chain of regional energy. THT Juyuan took over the banner of the 11th Annual Meeting of the Regional Energy Professional Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Association under the witness of the Regional Energy Professional Committee, which indicates that THT Juyuan will undertake the important task of hosting the 11th Regional Energy Summit Forum of China Building Energy Conservation Association in 2020, which is another important measure made by THT Juyuan for global regional energy development. Looking forward to the green and low-carbon development of regional energy, we will run forward on the road of continuous research. Let's meet in 2020! Meet THT juyuan!

T Juyuan has always thought that people will create a better life for corporate vision, constantly innovating technologies to promote green and low-carbon development, and integrating into the tide of regional energy development in the world. Create brand by quality, deliver brand by service, undertake the mission of delivering green, and provide high-quality products with high efficiency and energy saving!

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